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Create a meal program

Learn how to create a meal program by selecting a supplier and choosing one of their menu's on a specific day of the week.

Video Tutorial:



1. Click 'Meals' on the left navigation menu

Note: If this is your first time accessing Meal Programs, you will need to request access. Click 'Request access' and our team will be in touch to get you setup!



2. Find a day that you would like to create a meal program, and click 'Add+' on the calendar view. 

meal calendar

Note: If you're allowing staff to select their own meals, be sure to provide enough time for submissions to be placed prior to the suppliers lead time (usually 24-48 hours)



3. Click on 'Assign Menu'.

assign menu



4. Select a supplier you would like to use from the marketplace.

select supplier



5. Once a supplier has been selected, you will be able to see their available menu's. You can see the items available by clicking on 'View menu items'. 

view menu items

Tip:  You can select multiple menu's from the same supplier, or from multiple suppliers if you like (However each supplier will have a minimum order value)



6. Click 'Assign this menu' to select a particular menu you would like to include in your meal program. Once you've selected your menu's, click 'Create'.

assign menu 2



7. You can now view the meal program created in your calendar view. 

created meal program

If you would like to see how to create meal submissions, see article:

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