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Create an invoice payment option

Learn how to create a default invoice payment option for your office or company

Video Tutorial:



1. Click on 'Billing' on the left navigation menu

2. Click on 'Create new payment option' button

payment options

3. Select 'Invoice' as the option.

create payment

4. Enter a name for your invoice and select an invoice period. 
'After order has been serviced' - This invoice is generated the day after your order. 
'Weekly invoice' - This invoice is generated at the end of every week encompassing all of your orders throughout the week. 

invoice period

5. Optional - Enter a reference number for your invoice. Any reference code entered will be included on each invoice

project reference

6. Include a recipient to receive the invoices. (You can enter multiple email addresses)

accounts recipient

7. Enter your company address information, and click 'Create New'

company address

8. Once invoice payment option is created, click 'Set as default' to use automatically use this invoice option when placing orders with Hampr

New invoice payment options are automatically approved within 24 hours. 

created invoice payment option


Tip: You can create multiple invoice payment options including credit card payment options. This allows you to simply select the correct payment method when placing orders. 

multiple options