Pantry Service Overview

Understand the different services Hampr provides when it comes to ordering and managing pantry items for your organisation.

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At Hampr, we understand the benefits of running a successful workplace pantry program, and the positive impact it can have on employee morale, productivity, company culture and the overall experience for your guests in the modern workplace.

We have a simple goal - to help office administrators to save time, effort and money when it comes to managing food for their workplace.

With regards to pantry, there are 3 services that Hampr customers generally take advantage of:
  • Self service - leverage Hampr's Pantry Manager tool to:
    • manage orders from one or multiple suppliers
    • make one-click order amendments
    • setup recurring (standing orders) or place one-off orders
    • access custom pricing and products (only available if an after hours building access pass can be provided)
  • Pantry Manager (ordering only) - Send a photo of your stockroom and shelves and Hampr will place orders for you each week (based upon your budget and preferences)
  • Pantry Manager (stock up & ordering) - 'Set and forget' pantry ordering. Hampr will send a pantry manager to stock up your shelves and place orders each week.

    1 Hour - Pantry restock/merchandising - $82.50 inc. GST
    2 Hours - Pantry restock/merchandising - $110.00 inc. GST
    3-4 Hours - Pantry restock/merchandising - $220.00 inc. GST

If you are interested in any of the above solutions, please get in touch!

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